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Eymır Cultural Foundatıon

EYMIR CULTURAL FOUNDATION (ECF)was established in 1986 by the donations of METU-Istanbul Alumni Association and 240 METU graduate founder members. Its aims are:

  • - To contribute its members’ social, cultural, sportive, vocational and scientific life,
  • - Improve solidarity among its members, support the educational and cultural activities of nation’s children,
  • - Direct its experience towards the nation’s social, technical and  cultural well-being.

Establishment of the foundation was registered on 23.12.1986. Article 8 of the Trust Deed states that the foundation has the right to collect any type of donation, grant, assistance as long as they are in line with its aims. Article 3 states that to help those in need of education, health and social support and to provide scholarships for educational and research purposes are among the duties of the foundation. Tax exemption certificate and foundation-working-for the public status have been given to the ECF with the Council of Ministers' Resolution , dated 12.7.2005 and issued 9172.

Board of Trustees ;
President: Vasfiye İpekçi, Public Administartion and Political Science1970
Vice President: İsmail Işık, Civil Engineering 1976
General Secretary: Behzat Yıldırımer, Management 1979
Member : Tavit Köletavitoğlu, Architecture 1973
Member : Şebnem Abayoğlu,  Physics 1979
Member : Cengiz Altop, Chemical Engineerineg 1979
Member : Yaşar Morpınar, Chemical Engineerineg 1978