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METU IN VAN; 2011 to 2014
Big earthquakes in Van 23th of October and 9th of November , 2011

METU, the alumni and their friends  could not stay indifferent to such a tragedy. 
METU, the alumni and the students rushed for help …   
Several aid campaigns started urgently by our university, alumni and students:  Significant amount of donations were collected, necessary materials were sent to the earthquake area, METU Students Rescue Team worked in the district from the first day on, the researchers from the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre  of METU prepared a very comprehensive report about  VAN Earthquake. 
We have to repeat what we did  in 1999 Marmara earthquake for  Kocaeli and Değirmendere.This time  for VAN . For that reason, we decided to develop and raise a fund  getting the permission letter from Istanbul Governorship on November2, 2011 to build  a school building for 500 students  (permanent, prefabricated, 2 storeys) and a Dormitory Building for 192 students (permanent, prefabricated, 2 storeys) in the campus of   Van Yüzüncü Yıl University.

  • We started ground works of school building on 29th of December 2011

  • With the help of METU Alumni Parliamentarians, Value Added Tax applicable to large scale prefabricated buildings like dormitories and schools in the disaster area has been ratified  down to 1% from 18 % for a specific period. Thus,  a big financial burden has been lifted out not only from ours’, but also  NGO’s  shoulders who wanted to build schools and/or dormitories in the area.

  • The official opening of School building ( comprising 7 classrooms, 1 amphitheatre, Rest Room for Academic Staff, Canteen etc. ) was on 24th of March 2012. We also  dibbled the plants we brought from METU.

  • The official opening of Girls Dormitory Building  ( comprising 48  rooms, each equipped with bathroom and WC, 1 large study room, laundry, recreation and dining room  was on 9th of November 2012.

  • We did not forget them nor they forgot METU, the alumni and their  friends. We visited Van Yüzüncü Yıl University on 19th of May 2014


Total Project Income : 1.345,952 TL
Total Project Cost : 1.345,874 TL